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A simple bakery and cafe in Goa where you can find various desserts to please your sweet tooth or just sit back and nom on some delish snacks. Yes, we are talking about Carasid Bakery which has about 10+ outlets in various parts of Goa. Apart from the above, you know what they are the best known for? Birthday Cakes! Hell yeah, their Birthday cakes are worth dying for; not just by their looks but also by the taste of their cakes. 

“2008 marked our first year in Goa with one outlet, 11 years down we are at 10 outlets pan Goa and growing. Carasid is now a household name here and we’re happy to be delighting customers for more than a decade with our cakes.”, says Chris Shrivastava, Owner of Carasid Bakery 

Well, we couldn’t agree more with her when it comes to Carasid being a household name now for the Best birthday Cakes in Goa. Be it surprising your shortcake with some customised cupcakes or getting a whole new themed cake made for that grand 21st Birthday Celebrations in Goa, Carasid aces it all with its wide range of flavours and customisation options they offer. 

Here are some of their customised birthday cakes that not just won the hearts of the clients but also their followers on instagram : 

And for those who forget to order that special cake, and rush up to their nearest bakeries hours before the 12am cake cutting sesh, Carasid is yet again your saviour. Walk into one of their outlets and find their pre-made but fresh birthday cakes in Goa, of half kg and 1 kg, of their popular variants and flavours. Our favourites are the Mango Cheesecake and Chocolate Ecstasy. 

Wait! Before your mouth starts watering, here’s another tip:  For Instagram Friendly recommends, opt for their Rainbow Cake, for a burst of colour on your social media feed.  

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