Food Of Goa

You’ve heard it right! We’re introducing the world to some of the most renowned names in the food industry. We’re introducing you to the exceptional minds behind the extraordinary diners, bistros, bars, restaurants and the like. We met Prahlad Sukhtankar, owner of Black Sheep Bistro & Blackmarket Goa. Here is what he has to say about his culinary journey.

The Journey That Was

Restaurants 4-5 years back had just 3-4 wine options, whereas we explored locally sourced wines and spirits to showcase them in our restaurants. Today, we have about 17 wines by the glass. We have changed the outlook of people with our dining experiences.  Our staff is trained to suggest wine-food pairings to the customers. A funny story, one of our staff was a  cashier in a supermarket. Today, his palette is well refined and he is an asset to us at Blackmarket. I send my staff to classes where they can learn in their fields and become experts in the art. It is not only about earning revenue. For us, it is about sharing our knowledge and expertise with others. We encourage our staff to attend classes that benefit them. We help them develop themselves. Some of them even have a sommelier’s degree, which enhances the overall experience for the customer.

Our Process

We manage both the places between both places. We are firm believers in systems and processes. We keep our business strictly professional and it is a good thing for us because we have in-depth knowledge of what we are doing. Tomorrow, if somebody leaves the job, we can make sure that we step in their place and do the job as effectively as them. When conceptualizing the restaurant, we wanted to tackle the question of how our food can cater to someone with Goan tastes and expand their palette to a world view experience.

Our Motto

We are creating a new concept of going local. Local produce was never given the importance it deserves, but we helped this movement pick up its roots when we first started our ventures. We used to see an influx of imported goods like Norwegian Salmon, Australian Lamb, Belgian Pork in top restaurants. We wanted to change that. We started giving importance to the local forgotten fish varieties.

The Tail of Two Cities

6 years ago, the fishermen at Betim where I still source my fish from, used to throw out high quality Yellowfin Tuna or sell it at cheap rates to farmers to be used as manure. In Japan, Yellowfin Tuna is a premium fish but the local fishermen had no idea what to do with it. It was considered a poor man’s fish. I jumped at the opportunity and brought the fish back to the restaurant, where we started making Tatakis, Ceviche and other delicious preparations. We have a different take on Ceviche, we take a piece of raw fish and just before serving it, we pour on the marinade so the fish does not have any time to ‘cook’ in the citrus flavors.

The Concept Behind Black Market

One of the concepts of Blackmarket which was a rather unique one, as we wanted to showcase the ‘black market’ scenes that used to occur in the 60s and the 70s. Alcohol was prohibited in Bombay and so these underground bars emerged and some jazz artists used to perform there. They were all of the Goan origins. Some world-class musicians and actors used to frequent these places. We have photos of the Lorna and Chris Perry, Braz Gonsalves with Amitabh Bachchan and many others. This brings out the true essence of these ‘Black market’ places. It is a sneak peek of their lifestyle.

We love to support local, right from the local produce to the locally sourced alcohol, to supporting emerging artists and musicians. That’s what makes people come back for more. They want an authentic experience, something they have never seen before. That is what drives us to create curated experiences for all!

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