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Nestled between long stretches of golden coastlines and dense grasslands, Goa has been a charm to thousands of Bengali tourists that visit here every year. Although Goa esteems on being the party paradise of this country, one thing remains above all that glitz and glam for a Bong-SeaFood.

This little party paradise remains unsung for the delicious seafood cuisines it harbours and savouring them is an exceptional experience in itself. Cocooned between the beaches and the humdrum of city life, lies hundreds of fishing villages that get to work every day for your flavoursome journey at Goa. From the famous Kingfish to delicious shellfish, crabs, lobsters, oysters, squids, Sea-bass and the all-time favourite pomfret, Goa is the perfect destination for delightful bong pescatarians.

Let us take you to a journey that everyone waits for, a Goan seafood trail. Here are the 5 best seafood restaurants in Goa.

St. Anthony’s, Baga Beach.

St.Anthony’s boasts a vintage style of curating the best seafood delicacies in Goa. It is a culinary heritage that is proudly located at the Baga Beach. From industry pioneers like Sir Ratan Tata to Bollywood Marvels like Amitabh Bachchan, St. Anthony remains the timeless classic in the culinary history of  Goa. In the buzz of experimentation and hipness, the original taste of many Goan dishes lost, except in some classic restaurants like St. Anthony’s. From the everlasting Prawn Recheado, fried squids and delicious pomfrets, your taste buds will surely go for a tantalising journey. It is one of the best seafood restaurants in Goa.

Kokani Canteen, Panjim.

When I hear the name of Konkani Canteen, one word comes to my mind- Authenticity. Thousands of restaurants scattered all over Goa, and nothing stands out like the Konkani Canteen when it comes to authentic Goan seafood. Preserving the age-old craft of seafood preparations, the Goan fish thali with famous Sol Kadi is a reminiscence of the traditional Goan delicacies.

Known as one of the best seafood restaurants in Goa, the Kokani Canteen is quite known amongst the city dwellers and is often visited by flocks of tourist as well. From the Fiery Modso to the Surmai Rawa fry, this restaurant is a haven for a seafood enthusiast.

Martin’s Corner, near Sunset Beach, South Goa

Starting the trail with the traditional culinary roots, we are moving towards something more sophisticated. Martin’s corner is a supreme name when it comes to seafood, with a royal touch. The ambience of the restaurant gives you the old Spanish jazz bar vibe, which is a tempting affair in itself. The curation of the seafood usually consists of more continental dishes, with delicious xacuti, vindaloos, giant lobsters, roasted crabs and crumbled shrimps dominating the seafood scene. This award-winning gem is one of the best seafood restaurants in Goa.

Poseidon’s Cove, Uttorda Beach, South Goa

Idyllically overlooking the beach, the Poseidon’s cove is a sanctuary for every seafood enthusiast. Poseidon’s Cove is famous for its unique dining experiences. From authentic Japanese cuisines to heavenly continental servings, this place will amaze you every time you come in.

Devour the freshly caught sea bass marinated with European sauces, savour the fiery grilled prawns with herb butter dip and crab meat cocktails doused in Peri-Peri sauce. The hailed crab Ummon & Poseidon’s Roll is something that you cannot ever miss. This Japanese culinary retreat is every pescatarian’s dream and is one of the best seafood restaurants in Goa.

Fat-Fish, Bardez, Baga.

The name is an introduction in itself, the Fat Fish is the showstopper in our seafood hunt. Fat Fish is a remarkable name amongst every tourist that visits. Celebrated for a royal fish thali, this place boasts its irresistible seafood menu. The spicy Prawn Tawa fry, Kingfish Rawa fry, delicious crab xacuti, and the ever delicious fish curry is a mouthwatering affair for every seafood lovers. We end our journey for searching the best seafood restaurants in Goa, but we’ll be coming back for more.

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