Food Of Goa

DoubleTree by Hilton is a gorgeous resort nestled in Goa’s lush green Kadamba Plateau, overlooking the Mandovi river. The property offers luxurious rooms and amenities with views of the Mandovi river or the property’s landscape to choose from. The rooms here are quite spacious with private balconies that are sure to leave guests feeling one with nature.

They also have a breathtaking outdoor infinity pool and a 24 hr fitness center to keep guests entertained within the hotel.

DoubleTree houses two restaurants with both local and international culinary options for guests to choose from. Their breakfast buffet is diverse with some of the best continental and Indian dishes we’ve sampled so far!

The service at DoubleTree is beyond exemplary! We were greeted warmly at the reception and post our check-in. We had an unfortunate papercut incident one afternoon for which the staff went above and beyond their duties. Not only did they arrange for First Aid but also offered to call in a doctor (thankfully it wasn’t a serious cut). We received a complimentary meal for the trouble and were left elated!

DoubleTree is a paradise for nocturnal beings like us who often need to silence a growling tummy at 3 am! The hotel has a 24 hr kitchen that serves almost everything from their menu at all hours! We ordered a chicken burger at 2:30 am after a night of partying and were pleasantly surprised at how juicy the burger was and the fries accompanying it were crisp and heavenly! A definite go-to for a post alcohol binge!

Overall, our experience at DoubleTree by Hilton was by far one of the best in a long time and we highly recommend staying there when you plan a trip to Goa.

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