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It’s time to get Churrofied in Goa

Bombay Churros is a delightful little churro bar located in Caranzalem, Panjim that serves not only sweet but also savory dishes amongst its variety of offerings. What sets Bombay Churros apart from other dessert parlors is that they essentially offer a single product in many different ways!

They have successfully taken on the classic Mexican dessert and put their own personal spin on it, seasoning it with differently flavored chocolate options, sprinkles, and nuts, sometimes even adding cheese to the mix!

The eatery has a quaint little Parisian themed seating area on the first floor where one can indulge their sweet tooth.

We tried four of their signature dishes from the menu and were delighted with the taste and quality of the desserts. Our personal favorite were certainly the classic ‘Dark Chocolate Churros’ on offer but the Chilli Cheese Churros came pretty close. If you enjoy a good ol’ Sundae, then you definitely need to try their Chocolate Gateaux Sundae that is filled with ice cream, chocolate sponge cake, choco chips and of course – Churros!

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and highly recommend checking them out next time you’re craving dessert!

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